Dream: march 10

I dreamt that I was starting the race and my team got held up at the tshirt station. One of us had to wear the tshirt and put a paper towel over our head. I did it but then it got wet in the large pool we had to go through for our next station. We miss the timing so I swam to another side of the pool to wait. Some guy was also swimming. He helped me swim to him because I don’t know how to swim properly. Afterwards, we’re at a mall with security guards.

In the next dream, I’m on an airplane flying to the middle of a rainforest. I sit at the very last seat of the airplane and every time it does a turn or spin, I get launched into the air clinging to the seat. It’s kind of fun but dangerous. I’m only holding on with my arms. We were about to land and then it does another turn, and you see me flying through the air with nothing but arms clinging to the side. When we finally land in a pit of green grass, I was feeling exhilarated. There was a hut with computer programmers inside trying to figure out a problem. The smart kid from the airplane was asked to help but he was little so the chairs were too big for him. We had to hoist him up to see he computer on the table. He fixed it and I woke up.